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Every donation counts. Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States and the only cause of death among the Top 10 in the country that cannot be prevented, cured or even slowed down. Every gift will help life of an Alzheimer’s or Dementia patient, caregiver or family who is suffering from its effects, and the stress it places on their caregivers and communities.

Your gifts transform lives

• For as little as $10, you can help provide valuable years to an Alzheimer’s patient and their families through early diagnosis and proper care.

• One-time Contributions or monthly commitments are valued investments into our sustainability programs, which empower our events and outreach programs to function on their own.

• Your help will combat the estimated at $3.3 billion dollars in cost businesses absorb to replace women caregivers who quit their jobs because of their caregiving responsibilities.

Your gifts help us teach and train Caregivers

• With your help we will utilize our network of celebrities, organizations, volunteers, and Health Care Services to provide education and Awareness campaigns.

• Remembering The GoodTimes Founder is authorized by the Alzheimer’s Association to function as a National Celebrity Spokesperson and mobile International Training Organization. Your gifts help support our life-support training programs nationwide.

Your gifts build awareness and leadership

• Our  Foundations and supporters raise funds, recruit volunteers and raise awareness on a grassroots level.

• With your support, RTGT continues to lead the way in community awareness towards providing tomorrows solutions for care.

• Your gifts will also support travel and support expenses as we spread the word across the United States and around the world building awareness, conduct grassroots fundraising, and educating caregivers and families about values of commitment, leadership and volunteerism.


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