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The mission of the Remembering the Good Times Foundation is to promote Education and Awareness for the caregivers and families who are affected by Alzheimer’s and related dementia diseases.


The Remembering the Good Times Foundation is seeking to use celebrity to reshape the stigma of Alzheimer’s disease.  Providing awareness which can lead to earlier diagnosis of the disease, partnering with caregivers to help them provide transformative care to Alzheimer’s patients, and raising funds for other organizations which provide Alzheimer’s research and conduct clinical trials, are elements of the Foundation’s vision.

Core Values

Guiding us in our mission are our core values:

  • We focus on the critical needs of Alzheimer’s caregivers
  • We value our commitment, both of educating caregivers and people
  • We value and Legacy and embrace our heritage – our  history will not be forgotten
  • We operate with integrity honesty accountability and transparency

Who We Are

Remembering the Good Times Foundation is a 501(C)3 national nonprofit organization founded by Bern Nadette Stanis.  Bern Nadette founded the organization because she is passionately determined to focus attention and awareness on the effects Alzheimer’s disease has on the patients, the caregivers, their families and ultimately our World.

Bern Nadette Stanis, Alzheimer’s National Spokesperson
Bern Nadette Stanis is best known as the quick witted, sexy savvy, original “It” girl, Thelma Evans, from the groundbreaking sitcom, “Good Times.” Bern Nadette remains the personification of the ‘gem’ that young girls want to be.

Bern Nadette’s place in television history was solidified by her undeniable contributions to redefining the role of the young black girl from ghettos across America in the minds of the overwhelming masses prone to stereotypic beliefs. The character, Thelma, showed that a ‘ghetto girl’ from Chicago’s inner city projects lived a life full of hopes and dreams, and possessed intelligence, self-respect, dignity and grace.  For Bern Nadette, these characteristics weren’t learned in acting class.  Bern Nadette’s trademark has always been her unique combination of beauty, form and style extraordinaire.

Today, Bern Nadette travels the world as the author of three books.  Her most recent work, The Last Night:  A Caregiver’s Journey, profiles the walk of a loving daughter with a beloved Mother diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.   She has participated as a Celebrity Champion in the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and has been broadcast on Tom Joyner’s Morning Show as an advocate for Alzheimer’s awareness.  She participated in the 2010 Rose Bowl, appearing on the float called The Boomer Express, as the sole Alzheimer’s Association Celebrity Champion.  She continues to be a motivational speaker as requested.

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